Software to fix problems regarding Zip archive file

Getting errors while attempting to use Winzip to extract a .zip file??? You may get worried after seeing this error? Reason behind this may be corrupted zip file. What ever may be the reason, at this point of time you will be thinking or even searching for a software that can repair your corrupted zip file by regain access to your restricted data within the file. The good news is corrupted Zip files can be repaired with Winzip repair tool, but care should be taken that the software which you use should be safe and secure enough to use or else you may land up in an even worse situation than this by losing data permanently.

In todays world a huge amount of data is transferred between corporate and normal users. But transferring a huge amount of data on the internet may take lots of time. Zip files are developed to solve this problem and they act as a boon to come over this problem. Number of files can be compressed and made it as a single archive file, which saves lots of disk space and help in transferring files in a more faster way over a network. But sometimes this boon acts as a curse by making you lose all important files from them or by becoming inaccessible.

Improper Extraction: While we are extracting data from an archived file, due to a sudden power failure system may get shut down before the extraction process is finished may make a Zip file corrupted and protect you from accessing data within it. While extracting a Zip file on your Windows Vista system if power fails all of a sudden then in such a condition you can use this tool to fix Vista Zip files.

Virus Attack: A self executing program which needs a host file to execute and multiply is termed as a virus program, these programs damage your files and data by making undesirable change. When a zip file is transferred over the internet virus programs may gets attached along with the zip file and when you try to open these kind of file it may show error and refuse to open.

Corrupted Central Directory: Central directory of a zip has the indexes of the files which are compressed within an archive file. Any kind of corruption or change may make a zip file to become inaccessible.

Incomplete Download: When a zip file is mainly used to transferred data over a network or on the internet. When a zip file is downloaded incompletely it may restrict you from extracting data or files with it.

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Fix corrupt zip software is a tailor made solution to solve all the problems regarding corruption of Winzip files. Software scans whole of the archive file and get back all the inaccessible data by resuming access to your zip file. Tool can find files with their unique signature style over 300. It can repair archive files on both Windows and Mac operating system. If you're dealing with the problem like zip file not opening then professionals suggest you to use this software. Demo version of the application can be downloaded free of cost to get familiar with the software. Click here to know more about the software.

Steps to Use Winzip Fixer:

Step1: Install the demo version of the software on your PC. Launch the tool, browse and select the corrupted zip file to be repaired and click on "Repair" option, as shown in Fig 1.

Winzip Fixer - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: After the completion of the repair process software displays the files present in the zip archive which was repaired as shown in Fig 2

Winzip Fixer - Content

Fig 2: Content

Step3: Buy the full version of the software to save the Fixed ZIP file.

Winzip Fixer - Save Zip File

Fig 3: Save Zip File