Want to recover your corrupted zip file?

Communication these days is common using emails. Since files with large size cannot be communicated they are compressed using zip and sent. These files are more prone to corruption as they are transferred along a network. So, a downloaded zip file may at times become inaccessible. To regain access you need a repair tool to fix the file. Repair zip application is built for this purpose. It fixes and retrieves damaged zip file with great accuracy.

Reasons of zip file damage:

Transfer Errors: Interruptions during downloading zip files can cause the file to break or may lead to CRC errors which corrupt the files.

Virus Infection: Files may get damaged while being transmitted through a network due to virus attack.

Incomplete Recovery: When you recover your lost zip file using recovery tool chances of incomplete recovery due to fragmentation issues are high. This may make the zip files inaccessible.

OS corruption: Sudden corruption of an OS corruption may lead to damage of zip file.

Repair Zip tool retrieves damaged zip files in all these scenarios.

Features of Repair Zip tool:

Repair Zip tool comes with full fledged innovative features which makes it the best tool to repair your damaged zip files. Some of them are listed below:

  • It is capable of fixing all type of .zip and .zipx files
  • Files damaged due to CRC errors can be fixed using this zip recovery application.
  • This tool effortlessly fix and recovers large zip files exceeding 4 GB file size
  • It can easily fix zip archive files after errors like bad cyclic redundancy check error etc.
  • The software comes with a preview option which helps to view the content of your repaired file
  • It is read only software which keeps your original damaged file intact and then fixes your file and save it in a new file.
  • It occupies minimal hard drive space
  • This tool enables you to save your repaired file on any location on your drive

It is because of these features that Repair Zip can be used to repair damaged zip file with great degree of precision.

Steps to execute zip file recovery:

Step1: Download the software from the site and install it on your PC. Launch the application, browse and select the required corrupted file to be repaired and click on "Repair" option.

Main Screen

Step2: On completion of the repair process it provides you with a window with a preview option, preview the file by clicking on it


Step3: Purchase the file if you are satisfied with the result and save it in a preferred location by clicking on "Save" button.