How to Extract Files from Bad CRC Zip File?

Zip file contains one or more file in a compressed mode. It is easier to send via internet and it saves the disk space. Zip file may get corrupt due to various reasons such as Zip file header corruption and incomplete download etc. Sometimes user try to extract Zip file from incomplete download he may get CRC error. Have you ever facing problem while extracting Zip file? If yes, then no need to worry much our software corrupt Zip file repair will help to mend corrupt Zip file. This software occupies very less space, it has the ability to restore oversized Zip file very easily and it can repair damaged Zip file on any external or internal storage device efficiently.

If you are transferring file from source to destination via internet or shared network, the receivers of Zip file in other side may get error like invalid Zip file, bad CRC, compressed file is invalid or unable to open Zip file due to this, file becomes unavailable to you and Zip may get corrupt. To know how to repair Zip CRC error click here If you have not maintained any back up for these Zip files, then use this user-friendly software to mend corrupted Zip fie.

While extracting Zip file you may get CRC error, it indicates that some of data from Zip file are damaged or corrupted. Cyclic redundancy check is always used to checking data in Zip file at sender side and receiver side, if the amount of data present in Zip file on either side matches no CRC error or not match then it throws a CRC error.This software has the ability to mend Zip file, which do not open after getting bad CRC error.

Common reasons which makes zip file to face CRC error:

  • Download error: while downloading Zip file from net, download may get interrupt due to slow internet connection, power failure etc. due to this reason, downloading process terminate abruptly. If you try to unzip incomplete download then it immediately throw a CRC error.
  • Bad sector in hard drive: if you stored the zip file in hard drive that has bad sector problem then you try to access the zip file from hard drive, it throw an error and Zip file present in hard drives are unavailable to user.

Whatever may be reasons for Zip file corruption as above mention scenarios our software will help to mend the bad CRC Zip file, this software comprises of built-in scanning algorithm to perform deep scanning of corrupted Zip file and identify the reasons for corruption, and efficiently mend the damaged Zip file in few clicks. This software includes demo version, using this demo version you can preview the repaired bad CRC Zip file up to the expectation. This software helps to fix the damaged Zip file on all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 etc.

Precautions to taken to avoid Zip file corruption:

  • Always use updated anti virus software in your system.
  • Have habit to check internet connection before downloading any Zip file
  • Always don’t change Zip file extension to unknown file extension

Steps to be followed while extracting file from bad CRC Zip file:

Step1: Download and install software on you PC and Using "Browse" option, specify the location of corrupt compressed file and click on "Repair" option to start scanning process.

How to Extract Files from Bad CRC Zip File - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: After scanning completion, it displays list of Zip file contents.

How to Extract Files from Bad CRC Zip File - Content

Fig 2: Content

Step3: If you satisfied with demo version then purchase the software to save contents of the Zip file. Click on "Browse" button to select the destination path to save the repaired Zip archive file and finally press on Save button.

How to Extract Files from Bad CRC Zip File - Save Zip File

Fig 3: Save Zip File