Having trouble in opening your zip files?

Zipping combines a set of files into single file. When it comes to transferring a great number of files together there cannot be a better option than zipping. However, at times zip files get corrupted. A corrupt zip file does not give access to the files in it. Only a repair zip tool can make such files re-usable. This tool has special in-built algorithms to fix damaged zip files.

Reasons for zip file corruption:

CRC Errors: While downloading large files from network, the zipped file may get broken due to interruption and cause errors in CRC, which make the zip file inaccessible.

Incomplete Recovery: Incomplete recovery of zip files (due to fragmentation problems) using recovery software results in zip file corruption.

Malware Attack: Zip files may be more prone to virus attack when it is downloaded from the network and used.

OS corruption: OS corruption may sometimes affect the files residing on your storage device which includes your zip files.

Files corrupted in all the above listed scenarios can be fixed and recovered using zip repair software and know more about the tool by downloading it's demo version.

Zip Repair tool comes equipped with innovative and amazing features which help to repair damaged zip files in an efficient and accurate manner. This tool is capable of fixing zip files damaged due to CRC errors or due to bad sectors in the hard drive.

Zip recovery software is also capable of repairing and retrieving files from zip files of size of 4 GB and more. The application comes with a preview feature which helps you to view the extent to which restoration is possible. With this tool one can fix all type of zip and zipx files.

Simple steps to fix corrupt ZIP file:

Step1: Install the software after downloading it on your PC. Browse and select your damaged zip file and click on "Repair" button.

Main Screen

Step2: On completion of the repair process you get a "Preview" option.


Step3: If you are satisfied with the repair and would want to restore the file you need to choose a location and click "Save".


Tip for backup:

It's important to keep a backup of the zip files in other external drive. So, it becomes easy for us to recover corrupt zip files and replace them when they are inaccessible.