Zip File Corruption

  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system
  • Safe and Secure repair process
  • Occupies very little disk space
  • Fixed file preview option

Although zipped files are a safe way to compress and store data, they have a delicate architecture that is prone to corruption or get broken very easily. Fortunately, this does not render the file useless. And that’s because you can use a zip repair tool to restore it to working condition. With the help of the tool's powerful inbuilt algorithm, this advanced tool scans the compressed file, identifies the reason for corruption and efficiently repairs damaged .zip files in the shortest possible time.   

Salient features of corrupt zip file repair tool:

  • This advanced tool can be used to carry out effective, broken zip file recovery. The various zip file formats that can be recovered include .zip (Zipped file), .zz (Zzip compressed achieve), .zix (WinZip compressed file), .z01 (WinZip first split zip file), .z02 (WinZip second split zip file), .z03 (WinZip third split zip file), etc.
  • It can fix zip files which do not open due to CRC errors
  • It can easily fix zip archive files on Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2008
  • It allows the user to save the repaired zipped files on any storage medium of your choice
  • The user can preview the repaired file prior to restoration
  • Occupies very little disk space
  • It can restore oversized compressed files, etc.

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How to extract files from bad CRC Zip File: Now, you can able to mend all corrupted Zip file using this software very easily and it has ability to identify the reasons for corruption of Zip file in short time, Zip file may get corrupt due to any reasons like CRC error, incomplete download etc. To know more queries and solution about mending bad CRC Zip file, just visit

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Fix CRC Error Zip: With the help of this repair tool you can repair corrupted Zip file. It supports recovery and repair CRC corrupted Zip file from various FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 on different Windows Operating System like Windows 7, Windows 8, and many more.

Steps to fix corrupt zip files using zip recovery application:

Step-1: Download, install and run the application on your system. Next specify the corrupt compressed file using "Browse" option and click on repair tab

Main Screen

Step-2: The software scans the specified .zip file, reconstructs all the valid parameters and regenerates the compressed archives. Eventually the application returns a list of found files / folders from zipped archives.


Step-3: Finally specify the destination and save the repaired file in a secure location.


You can also use the demo version of this tool to check the efficiency of this software, before shelling out your hard earned money to buy the complete product. Refer the user guide of this tool for any additional information regarding the repair procedure.

Tips to avoid data loss due to zip file corruption:

To ensure such corruptions do not recur, you need to protect your system with the latest anti-virus application and update it at regular intervals of time. It is safe to maintain appropriate backups as a precaution against unforeseen data loss scenarios.